24 Jul

PERM Position Job Description

What level of detail regarding the job offer must be included in the advertisement?

Employers need to apprise applicants of the job opportunity.
The regulation does not require employers to run advertisements enumerating every job duty, job requirement, and condition of employment.
As long as the employer can demonstrate a logical nexus between the advertisement and the position listed on the employer’s application, the employer will meet the requirement of apprising applicants of the job opportunity.

An advertisement that includes a description of the vacancy, the name of the employer, the geographic area of employment, and the means to contact the employer to apply may be sufficient to apprise potentially qualified applicants of the job opportunity.

NOTE: While employers will have the option to place broadly written advertisements with few details regarding job duties and requirements, they must prepare a recruitment report that addresses all minimally qualified applicants for the job opportunity.
If an employer places a generic advertisement, the employer may receive a large volume of applicants, all of whom must be addressed in the recruitment report.

Employers placing general advertisements may wish to include a job identification code or other information to assist the employer in tracking applicants to the job opportunity.


If the employer includes job duties and requirements in the advertisement, must they be listed on theĀ Application for Permanent Employment Certification, ETA Form 9089, as well?

Yes, if an employer wishes to include additional information about the job opportunity, such as the minimum education and experience requirements or specific job duties, the employer may do so, provided these requirements also appear on the ETA Form 9089.