Recruitment – Online

Employer Website

We will develop a website to suit your company needs. Our team will register a domain name, provide hosting for one year, and develop a website from a template. Customized websites and additional hosting options are also available.


Online Job Board

We are able to offer you discounts on placing a postings on an online job board. We collaborate with many job board owners and receive special discounts, which are passed on directly to you.


The H1b visa program permits employers to provisionally employ foreign workers in the United States on a nonimmigrant basis in jobs such as special professions or as models of eminent merit and aptitude. A specialty profession requires the hypothetical and practical application of an entity with specific knowledge and a bachelors degree or the comparable in the specific specialty. H1b visa requirements depend on a sponsor (a company in the US), who needs to submit a Labor Condition Application. H1b visa status depends on DOL and the USCIS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) decisions. PERM foreign labor applicaton and certification is obtained via US Department of Labor.

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