24 Jul

PERM Advertising for Professional Occupations

When advertising for a professional occupation, must the required steps, i.e., the job order, the two print advertisements, and the three additional recruitment steps be different? 

Generally, all the required steps must be different.

Steps can not be duplicated nor can one step be used to satisfy two requirements, except in the case of copies of web pages generated in conjunction with the newspaper advertisements which can serve as documentation of the use of a web site other than the employers.
For example, the employer can not count two advertisements in a local and/or ethnic newspaper, or two postings on a web site, as two steps.
Similarly, the employer can not use a professional journal in lieu of a second Sunday newspaper advertisement and then count it again as an additional “trade or professional organizations” recruitment step, or count the job order again as an additional “web site other than the employer’s” step.