Special: Monitoring Texas SWA Job Orders

We are happy to offer a cost saving service to attorneys and employers  managing foreign labor certifications in Texas:

50 Job Order Monitoring Credits for $1,000!



What is a Texas SWA job order monitoring?
Our staff monitors each job order daily to ensure there is no break in 30 days.
Your designated point of contact is immediately notified if the job order is not showing in Texas SWA.
We provide an advanced notice to the point of contact regarding a possible need for the job order extension.

What are job order monitoring credits?
We provide job order monitoring for up to 50 job orders you placed in Texas SWA. Credits may be used within 12 months from the date of our contract.

What if my company has more than 50 job orders to monitor?
Once you have used your credits, please let us know. Together, we determine what is the best plan for your company budget and needs.

How are Monitoring Events Reported?
At the end of the monitoring period, you receive a series of screenshots depicting daily job order activity.

What is a SWA job order?
Employer is obligated to place a job order with the SWA serving the area of designated employment.
Under the PERM regulations at 20 CFR §656.17(e)(1)(i)(A) and §656.17(e)(2)(i), the employer’s job order for both professional and nonprofessional occupations must be placed with the SWA serving the area of designated employment for a period of 30 days. Furthermore, during this 30-day period, the job order must be accessible and visible to the public at large – the entire pool of job seekers potentially qualified for the position.