Office Politics

Positive relationships among employees can build the base for a better team.
Different personalities have different strengths and weaknesses, which can be paired together to complement each other. Knowing the different types of personalities and how to deal with them can make any office situation easy to manage. You’ll learn more about types of personalities in modules five and six.

Common office personality types:

• Complainer
• Gossiper
• Bully
• Negative Ned/Nancy
• Information Keeper
• Know-it-all
• The Apple Polisher
• Nosey Neighbor


When companies grow, the group culture grows and cliques start to form.
With so many conflicting visions, a company can lose sight of its original purpose.
The goal for a manager is to form a collaboration that features every person’s talents and abilities.

It is important to be nice to everyone in the office. As a manager, people should feel free to approach you with their problems or concerns. If they feel as though you’ve picked favorites or excluded others, it could not only affect their performance on the job, but yours as well. Treating everyone equally is the best way to help prevent cliques and out casting in the office.